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S. No. Name of Director Designation Director Since Last Elected On
1 Mr. Muhammad Mubeen Jumani
Address: Khairpur Sugar Mills Limited
3rd Floor,15-C,9th Commercial Lane,Zamzama
D.H.A Phase V, Karachi
Chief Executive 23-Aug-1989 24-Apr-2018
2 Mr. Faraz Mubeen Jumani
Address: Khairpur Sugar Mills Limited
3rd Floor,15-C,9th Commercial Lane,Zamzama
D.H.A Phase V, Karachi
Executive Director 29-Jul-2006 24-Apr-2018
3 Mrs. Qamar Mubeen Jumani
Address: Khairpur Sugar Mills Limited
3rd Floor,15-C,9th Commercial Lane,Zamzama
D.H.A Phase V, Karachi
Chairperson 30-May-2005 24-Apr-2018
4 Mr. Fahad Mubeen Jumani
Address: Khairpur Sugar Mills Limited
3rd Floor,15-C,9th Commercial Lane,Zamzama
D.H.A Phase V,
Non Executive Director 05-Jan-2007 24-Apr-2018
5 Miss. Arisha Mubeen Jumani
Address: Khairpur Sugar Mills Limited
3rd Floor,15-C,9th Commercial Lane,Zamzama
D.H.A Phase V, Karachi
Non Executive Director 05-Jan-2007 24-Apr-2018
6 Lt. Gen (Retd.) Tahir Mahmud Qazi
Address: House No. 3, Phase I, D.H.A Street, No. 4 West,
Sector D,
Independent Non Executive Director 29-Apr-2000 24-Apr-2018
7 Lt. Gen (Retd.) Anis Ahmed Abbasi
Address: House No. 271,ST 41,
Sector F11/3,
Independent;Non Executive Director 24-Apr-2015 24-Apr-2018



Election of Directors was held on 24-04-2015 and Mr. Muhammad Mubeen Jumani, Mr. Faraz Mubeen Jumani, Mr. Fahad Mubeen Jumani, Mrs. Qamar Mubeen Jumani, Miss. Arisha Mubeen Jumani, Mr. Ahmed Ali Jumani and Lt. Gen (Retd.) Anis Ahmed Abbasi were elected as directors of the company for a period of three year.In pursuance of section 178(4) of the Companies Ordinance 1984, the following persons have filed with Khairpur Sugar Mills Limited notice of their intention to offer themselves for election as Director under section 178(3) for the next term at its Extra Ordinary General Meeting scheduled to be held at 03.30 pm on Friday, 24th April 2015 at the registered office of the company 3rd Floor, Plot No. 15-C, 9th Commercial Lane, Zamzama, Defence Housing Authority, Phase V, Karachi.

  • Mr. Muhammad Mubeen Jumani
  • Mr. Faraz Mubeen Jumani
  • Lt. Gen. (R) Anis Ahmed Abbasi
  • Mr. Fahad Mubeen Jumani
  • Mrs. Qamar Mubeen Jumani
  • Miss. Arisha Mubeen Jumani
  • Mr. Ahmed Ali Jumani

The above persons have given their consent to act as Directors, since the number of persons who have offered themselves to be elected is not more than the number of Directors fixed by the Board under section 178(1) of the Companies Ordinance, 1984; the above named candidates have been elected at Extra Ordinary General Meeting.Next election due before 24-04-2018.

Mr. Muhammad Mubeen Jumani

Mr. Muhammad Mubeen Jumani is the Chairman of Jumani Group of Companies completing his education from University of Karachi in 1972 with a Bachelor in Commerce degree, stepped into the construction industry in 1974 by founding Jumani Group of Companies. Under his leadership and guidance more than 25 high rise projects have been completed so far and at the moment two residential societies are also under development in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal area of Karachi Pakistan.
Khairpur Sugar Mills Limited was set up in the year 1989 in the Khairpur District region of Sindh with a crushing capacity of 4,000 TCD under the Jumani Group of Companies umbrella. Today, the plant’s crushing capacity is 7,000 TCD and all long term loans on the project have been paid.

Mr. Jumani also head a charitable trust with the name of Hidayat Jumani Welfare Trust which is operating in the interior as well as major cities in Sindh province. It is also important to mention here that Mr. Muhammad Mubeen Jumani has served as member of board of Directors for Pakistan International Airlines (1993-1996) and Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (2011-2013).

Mr. Faraz Mubeen Jumani

Mr. Faraz Mubeen Jumani completed his early education from BVS Parsi High School in Karachi. Moving to the United States of America for higher studies, completed his Bachelors in Business Administration from AIU South Florida and his Master in Business Administration from NOVA Southeastern University in 2011. In 2012, he officially joined KSML in full time capacity as Deputy Managing Director and in 2014 was promoted as Managing Director of the company by the board of Directors.

Mr. Fahad Mubeen Jumani

Mr. Fahad Mubeen Jumani is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in Hospitality Industry. Being passionate about hotels, he started his first venture, Breeze Inn at a young age during his graduation days. Since then he has gone on to founding and successfully running chain of hotels in United States and UAE.
In 2003, under the trademark of Jumani Group of Companies, Mr. Fahad, as Managing Director, started Montreal Hotel, a 3-star property which was later upgraded to 4 star property. In the coming years, he went on to adding three more properties in Dubai, Mount Royal Hotel (2 star) and Montreal Naif Hotel (2-star), St George Hotel (3-star).
In United States, he runs two more hotels in Orlando- Hawthorn Suites and Wyndham Garden (which is at present under construction).
He holds the position of Director at Khairpur Sugar Mills, Sindh, Pakistan and Jumani Holdings Inc, Florida, US, which is into Real Estate Development.
Mr. Fahad did his schooling from St. Peter’s High School, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan and High School Diploma from The State of Florida, US. He is a qualified Bachelor of Business Administration from University of Newcastle. He has also successfully completed Licensing Course from Cooke Real Estate School, Florida, US.
Deeply passionate about authentic leadership and committed to doing well by doing good. He is a member of Board of Trustee of Hidayat Jumani Welfare Trust, established in 2008. He is also a member of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pakistan, and Pakistan Business Council, Dubai, UAE.

Miss. Arisha Mubeen Jumani

Miss. Arisha Mubeen Jumani serves as a Director on the Boards of Khairpur Sugar Mills Limited, Jumani Group of Companies, Jumani Holdings (USA), Jumani Hospitality (USA), and a Trustee of The Hidayat Jumani Welfare Trust.

She holds a B. Sc in Business Management from University of Central Florida, USA and a MBA in Finance and International Business from Rollins College, Florida, USA.

S.No. Name Files
1 Pattern Share Holdings Pattern Share Holdings
2 Form of Proxy Pattern Share Holdings




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